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Life Resonance Cosmetics is a unique high quality certified organic & natural skin care product line made in Switzerland. Its proved deep reaching rejunvenating, anti-ageing and energizing effects impress every user. 

Life Resonance Nature and Energy Cosmetics have been awarded the BDIH certificate for controlled natural cosmetics.

The revolutionary approach of Life Resonance:

All products are enriched with reorganizing resonance patterns obtained from natural resources, such as plants, gems, minerals, as well as light and color spectra.

Enhanced by such energizing factors, Life Resonance products offer the necessary regenerative impulses, which harmonize drained energy flows and return them to balanced dynamics. The feeling of vitality is elevated at all levels

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 Business Opportunity

By focussing on energy resources, Life Resonance has created a unique benefit that reaches way beyond the conventional cosmetic treatments.

The Institute for Bioinformation developed a biophysical procedure for the bio-activation of cosmetic products, especially for Life Resonance, by which ancient knowledge was coupled with modern technology with care in order to combine calming and vitalizing resonance patterns into harmonious

Mother Nature served as a guiding principle for the whole development process. The
resonance patterns are obtained, among other things, from light and color spectra, from oxygen,
gem stones, precious metals and sound spectra and are imprinted with a lasting effect on the cosmetic products.

Various requests from abroad and a positive echo at home provided the impetus to develop new complementary sales channels. The licensing of products, accompanied by specialized use and treatmentmethod, presents itself as one of the most opportune method of sales.

If you are interested in distributionship of our products or you are interested in a license partnership then contact us today to discuss the terms.. Below plase find requirements you should  meet:

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